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Stainless Steel Round Bars

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Stainless Steel is a prevalent metal known for its uniqueness, strength, and robust features since ancient times. Despite this, it has been used sparingly since then, but with the rise of infrastructures and various industries, its utilization has begun recently. It has emerged as a widely used metal due to its effective properties in almost every industry, from construction to heavy engineering applications. In a market where bars, wires, and coils are the only commonly used steel goods, a variety of steel products are in demand.

The top steel product is Stainless Steel Round Bars, which are used for many purposes. Round bars are developed through an intricate process that makes them long-lasting and durable. Piyush Steel manufactures round bars using all sophisticated technologies where a good collection of raw material are used.

Stainless steel round bars specified under ASTM A276 are made from various grades of austenitic, ferritic, and martensitic stainless steel alloys. These round bars have excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and good ductility, making them suitable for various industrial, construction, and commercial applications

Info about the company
Piyush steel is a widely known stainless steel round bar manufacturer in India that provides all kinds of stainless steel products to diverse sectors of industries. All the manufactured products, including stainless steel round bars, are designed to the specifications and desired length, size, and other dimensions. The products are manufactured, tested, and inspected by experts who check the quality throughout the process. Thus, our products serve for a long time in the respected applications. Our company holds all the processes like manufacturing, packaging, testing, and inspection. We ensure that no improper methods are followed during these stages of production. We provide until the last step when our products finally get released to reach the respected buyers. We don't only serve the products but also help with the necessary documents to assure the buyers that all the mandatory tests are completed. Only those products have suited that pass the tests, and the rest are sent back for re-use and re-manufacturing.

Production stages of stainless steel round bars
The raw material collection is the initial stage of production, where we collect the unprocessed steel through the proper collection process. The metal then goes for physical and chemical testing. The appropriate testing procedure is imperative in the production process. Here, the collected material's durability is tested through specific tests. Heating is the following process where they undergo pressure heating. The steel is then rolled through one approach to get the shape. Here, the ductility of Stainless Steel Rods is improved.

The hot rolling procedure gives them an appropriate shape, a critical manufacturing process, and thus done with care instructions, and only experts perform this process. The next stage is an inspection where we assure bar quality. Another essential process after the review is a water-quenching procedure. The process is performed under controlled conditions using patented Thermax systems.

Next is the hot inspection process, where the final condition of the product is checked once again. Here, the experts check the resistance standards and performance of stainless steel round bars. Our bars are used in various construction processes and other applications. Therefore, it is vital to check their durability and strength through physical tests. Here, we reassure the performance and grade before dispatching the products.

The dispatching is the final phase of production. The bars first get a label, marking, and the company's logo. They are then packed using suitable packaging materials to prevent them from any atmospheric conditions. Lastly, they reach the market directly to the buyers like construction engineers. All the process of production stages is essential. Excellent manufacturing is needed to serve the suitable Stainless Steel Square Bar. Therefore, we perform them with precision and finesse to give our customers only reliable and durable products. This ensures customer satisfaction and reliability.

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SS Round Bar
Stainless Steel Round Bar Price List

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Stainless Steel Bars Forms in Stock

Stainless Steel Round Bar
  • Stainless Steel Round Bar
  • Stainless Steel Bars
  • AISI Round Bar
  • ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Round Bar

Stainless Steel Square Bar
  • Stainless Steel Square Bar
  • SS Square Bar
  • AISI Square Bars
  • ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Square Bar

Stainless Steel Hollow Bar
  • Stainless Steel Hollow Bar
  • SS Hollow Bar
  • AISI Hollow Bar
  • ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Hollow Bar

Stainless Steel Hex Bar
  • Stainless Steel Hex Bar
  • SS Hexagonal Bar
  • AISI Hex Bars
  • ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Hex Bar

Stainless Steel Bright Bar
  • Stainless Steel Bright Bar
  • SS Bright Bar
  • AISI Bright Bar
  • ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Bright Bar

Stainless Steel Forged Bar
  • Stainless Steel Forged Bar
  • SS Forged Bar
  • AISI Forged Bar
  • ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Forged Bar

Stock Size Range and Specifications For Stainless Steel Round Bar

Specification : ASTM A276, A479 / ASME SA276, SA479


Round Bars : Outside Diameter in the range of 4mm to 500mm

Bright Bars : Outside Diameter in the range of 4mm to 100mm

Hex Bars : 18mm – 57mm (11/16″ to 2-3/4″)

Square Bars : 18mm – 47mm (11/16″ to 1-3/4″)

Finish : Black, Bright Polished, Rough Turned, NO.4 Finish, Matt Finish, BA Finish

Length : 1 to 6 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths

Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle Etc.

Markings On The Stainless Steel Round Bar

The full identification of the bars should be continuously marked down its whole length, including :

  •   Rating Designation
  •   Material Designation
  •   "WP" in grade symbol
  •   Grade
  •   Schedule number or nominal wall thickness
  •   Heat Code
  •   Manufacturer’s Name or Symbol

Stainless Steel Bar Tensile Strength
Grade Tensile Strength Cold Drawn Other
EN 1.4301 Mpa 680 590
EN 1.4401 Mpa 680 590

German standard of SS Round Bar
German ISO
DIN 668 h11
DIN 669 h9
DIN 671 h9
DIN 175 h9
DIN 670 h8

Price Of Stainless Steel Round Bar In India
Description Price list of Stainless Steel Round Bar in India
Manufacturer Stainless Steel Round Bar, Angle Bar (201, 304, 321, 904L, 316L)
US $ 1000-4000 / Kgs
Food Industry and Surgical Equipment 316 Stainless Steel Round Bar US $ 1200-1300 / Ton
Stainless Steel Round/Flat/Square Bar (201, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 904L, 2205, 310, 310S, 430) US $ 1800-2300 / Ton
304 Stainless Steel Bright Round Bar US $ 1200-2500 / Ton
SUS 304 303 316 316L 310 310S Stainless Steel Bright Round Bar US $ 1500 / Ton
304L Stainless Steel Round Bar US $ 1800-2200 / Ton
Modern Design 310S Stainless Steel Round Bar Stainless Steel Forged Bar US $ 3800-3900 / Ton
ASTM AISI SS 304/316 Stainless Steel Polishing Round Bar US $ 1200-2000 / Ton

Weight Chart Of Stainless Steel Bar
Stainless Steel Round Bar
Size Kgs / Foot Kgs / Mtr Size Kgs / Foot Kgs / Mtr Size Kgs / Foot Kgs / Mtr
3mm 0.017 0.055 20mm 0.753 2.470 3" 10.900 35.762
1/8" 0.019 0.062 22mm 0.908 2.979 3-1/4" 12.800 41.996
5/32" 0.029 0.095 7/8" 0.926 3.038 3-1/2" 14.850 48.772
4mm 0.030 0.098 24mm 1.080 3.543 3-3/4" 17.001 55.780
3/16" 0.043 0.141 25mm 1.180 3.871 4" 19.306 63.340
5mm 0.047 0.154 1" 1.210 3.970 4-1/4" 21.908 72.249
7/32" 0.058 0.190 26mm 1.271 4.170 4-1/2" 24.4487 80.340
6mm 0.068 0.223 27mm 1.368 4.490 4-3/4" 27.366 90.249
1/4" 0.076 0.249 1-1/8" 1.534 5.033 5" 30.461 99.940
7mm 0.091 0.298 30mm 1.691 5.548 5-1/2" 36.690 121.000
5/16" 0.118 0.387 1-1/4" 1.924 6.349 6" 43.860 143.900
8mm 0.120 0.398 32mm 1.894 6.314 6-1/2" 51.093 167.630
9mm 0.152 0.498 1-3/8" 2.303 7.550 7" 59.432 196.000
3/8" 0.170 0.557 35mm 2.390 7.553 7-1/2" 68.226 225.000
10mm 0.189 0.620 36mm 2.438 7.999 8" 77.586 254.55
11mm 0.228 0.748 38mm 2.792 8.903 10" 121.048 397.140
7/16" 0.232 0.761 1-1/2" 2.715 8.951      
12mm 0.271 0.889 40mm 3.009 9.872      
1/2" 0.303 0.994 1-5/8" 3.200 10.449      
13mm 0.318 1.043 1-3/4" 3.712 12.179      
14mm 0.368 1.207 45mm 3.807 12.555      
9/16" 0.383 1.256 1-7/8" 4.260 13.977      
15mm 0.424 1.391 48mm 4.330 14.205      
5/8" 0.473 1.551 50mm 4.698 15.414      
16mm 0.481 1.578 2" 4.848 15.906      
17mm 0.543 1.791 2-1/8" 5.475 17.963      
11/16" 0.573 1.880 2-1/4" 6.135 20.128      
18mm 0.610 2.001 60mm 6.768 22.205      
3/4" 0.682 2.237 2-3/8" 6.838 22.435      
      2-1/2" 7.576 24.856      
      2-5/8" 8.354 27.409      
      2-3/4" 9.169 30.083

Stainless Steel Bar Condition
H&T Hardened and tempered.
ANN Annealed
PH Precipitation hardened.

Stainless Steel Bars Application Industries
  •   Petrochemical Industry
  •   Chemical Industry
  •   Oil and Gas Industry
  •   Pulp & Paper Indusry
  •   Power Plant Industry
  •   Food Processing Industry
  •   Pharmaceuticals Industry
  •   Energy Industry
  •   Aerospace Industry
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