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Nickel 200 Round Bars

We at Piyush steel with the clear aim serve the best quality of Nickel 200 Round Bars to the clients where it meets needs of critical applications. We manufacture these bars in comprehensive range using only good materials that have passed the test of quality by our experts at the initial stage. The role of technology plays a vital role in the manufacturing of bars. Thus, we have professionals who know about the right use of technology. Our product is used in different sectors thus we make use of modern tools.
The raw material, tools, and equipment all are well-chosen by professionals. They are regularly inspected at every stage until the bars reached for dispatching. This leads to the effectiveness of manufacturing and our products also go through quality control departments. We keep the needs and budget of customers in our mind thus we offer them in several grades and specifications. Hence, we have customers worldwide.

About nickel 200 alloys
This solid and commercially pure wrought alloy possesses excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. This shows exceptional resistance to alkalis solution where other alloy fails to even survive because temperature and concentration highly affect the alloy. However, nickel 200 alloy can survive at different temperatures and concentrations. The alloy shows exception resistance to corrosion in de-aerated acid. It is due to the low gas content, high electrical and thermal conductivities and vapor pressure that nickel has.
Here, at Piyush steel, we fabricate nickel 200 alloy using different fabrication practices such as hot and cold working. It can be hot treated at a temperature of 1200 F and 1232 F. the heavy forming of the alloy is carried out 871 degrees C temperature. We perform annealing between the temperature ranges of 704-871 degree C.

Characteristics of nickel 200 round bars
The bars get their characteristics from nickel 200 alloys which are as follow:
• Resistance against dry fluorine, alkaline salt solutions, and neutral solutions, distilled and natural waters, hydrochloric, sulfuric acids and in reducing media as well as in caustic alkalies
• Resistance against reducing chemicals
• High electrical conductivity
• Magnetostrictive properties
• Low corrosion rates in rural and marine atmospheres
• Limited serviceability to a temperature below 600 degrees F

The manufacturing process at Piyush steel
Since we are a leading manufacturer we know what process should be used. We always use the right process for manufacturing using right tool in inventory. The complete planning is done before starting any consignment. The raw material is collected from the best source. It then reaches to the factory where it is processed using hot rolling, chemical and physical tests, inspection, annealing and more to produce Nickel UNS N02200 Round Bar. At each stage, a report is generated to check if the process yields better results or not. The discarded product is sent back to the initial stage. The temperatures are maintained throughout the processes. Our expert team makes sure that the parameters are set as per the needs that yield products demanded from our customers. Right testing tools are also used to check their performance at each stage. The inspection is completed by a team of agents outside our company. These are professionals as well which qualified and certified agents are. Tests reports from them are mandatory as this gives that we serve 100% quality product. This further makes our customer trust on our Nickel 2.4066 Round Bars.
Further, the packaging makes them more secure bars that reach to the destination in the same condition as they were before leaving the company. The wooden box, crates and bubble wraps are used where each bar is labeled and coded and protected to avoid contact with other bars.

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Nickel 200 Round Bar
Nickel 200 Round Bar Price List

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ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Round Bars Equivalent Grades
Nickel 200 2.4066 N02200 NW 2200 NA 11 НП-2 N-100M Ni 99.2

ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Bars Forms in Stock

ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Round Bar
  • ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Round Bar
  • ASTM B160 200 Nickel Round Bar
  • UNS N02200 Round Bar
  • Nickel 2.4066 Round Bars
  • NW 2200 Round Bars
  • Nickel 200 Round Bars

ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Square Bar
  • ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Square Bar
  • ASTM B160 200 Nickel Square Bars
  • UNS N02200 Square Bar
  • Nickel 2.4066 Square Bars
  • NW 2200 Square Bar
  • Nickel 200 Square Bar

Nickel 200 Hollow Bar
  • ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Hollow Bar
  • ASTM B160 200 Nickel Hollow Bars
  • UNS N02200 Hollow Bar
  • Nickel 2.4066 Hollow Bars
  • NW 2200 Hollow Bar
  • Nickel 200 Hollow Bar

200 Nickel Hex Bar
  • ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Hex Bar
  • ASTM B160 200 Nickel Hex Bars
  • UNS N02200 Hex Bar
  • Nickel 2.4066 Hex Bars
  • NW 2200 Hex Bar
  • Nickel 200 Hex Bar

ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Bright Bar
  • ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Bright Bar
  • ASTM B160 200 Nickel Bright Bar
  • UNS N02200 Bright Bar
  • Nickel 2.4066 Bright Bars
  • NW 2200 Bright Bars
  • Nickel 200 Bright Bar

ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Forged Bar
  • ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Forged Bar
  • ASTM B160 200 Nickel Forged Bars
  • UNS N02200 Forged Bar
  • Nickel 2.4066 Forged Bars
  • NW 2200 Forged Bar
  • Nickel 200 Forged Bars

Stock Size Range and Specifications For ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Round Bar

Specification : EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI

Standard Specification : ASTM B160 / ASME SB160

Size : 15NB to 150NB IN

Diameter : 3.17mm to 350mm diameter

Length : 100 mm to 3000 mm Long & Above

Tolerance : H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13K9, K10, K11, K12 or as per clients’ requirements

Finish : Black, Bright Polished, Rough Turned, NO.4 Finish, Matt Finish, BA Finish

Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc

Surface : Hot Rolled Pickled or Sand Blasting Finished, Cold Drawn, Bright, Polished, Hairline

Condition : Cold Drawnd Pulished Cold Drawn Centreless Ground & Polished

Chemical Composition of Nickel 200 Round Bars
Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni
Nickel 200 0.15 max 0.35 max 0.35 max 0.01 max 0.25 max 0.40 max 99.0 min

Mechanical Properties of Nickel 200 / N02200 / 2.4066 Round Bars
Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Nickel 200 8.9 g/cm3 1446 °C (2635 °F) Psi – 67000 , MPa – 462 Psi – 21500 , MPa – 148 45 %

Markings On The Nickel 200 Round Bar

The full identification of the bars should be continuously marked down its whole length, including :

  •   Rating Designation
  •   Material Designation
  •   "WP" in grade symbol
  •   Grade
  •   Schedule number or nominal wall thickness
  •   Heat Code
  •   Manufacturer’s Name or Symbol

ASTM B160 Nickel 200 Bars Application Industries
  •   Petrochemical Industry
  •   Chemical Industry
  •   Oil and Gas Industry
  •   Pulp & Paper Indusry
  •   Power Plant Industry
  •   Food Processing Industry
  •   Pharmaceuticals Industry
  •   Energy Industry
  •   Aerospace Industry

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