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Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners

We Piyush steel hold the privilege of being one of the best and leading suppliers, manufacture and exporter of a high-quality product which is Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners in the world. We always try to produce a vast range of products in fully customized options to meet the requirements of our clients. A Stainless Steel 316H type of the Fastener contains high carbon and it is a variant of the Alloy 316. An increased carbon content present in the product also offers superior yield strength and tensile. However, the 316H authentic structure provides a brilliant strength at the cryogenic temperatures. The 316 fasteners are available at different sizes, shape, standard, and design as per the customer demand.

Pipe fasteners
It is a device used for fixing two pipes. It can help you to join many of the different sized pipes. Pipe fasteners come in several types e.g. Pins, stud, nuts, screw, bolts, etc. It comprises of different shape, sizes and designs and materials. Different materials the pipe fasteners are made from are bronze, brass, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, PVC, plastics, nonferrous metal, polypropylene, etc. All these pipe fasteners are used in various residential and industrial pipe fittings.
Our company Piyush steel manufactures the best quality of Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners. The product is manufactured to sustain in the toughest environment and difficult work conditions. We ensure the full safety of the product for our customers.

Description about the Alloy 316H
Let us know about the general properties of Alloy 316H. It is a high carbon modification alloy 316 which was developed for the uses in the elevated temperature services. This alloy has high strength at elevated temperatures. They are more likely to be used in for the pressure and structural vessels at the temperature above than 500 degrees C. Alloy 316H austenitic structure offers the best toughness down to the cryogenic temperatures.
Such alloy is often used in the process of streams that contain halides or chlorides. Alloy 316H can resist the atmospheric corrosion also the moderately reducing and oxidizing environments. It can resists corrosion in the polluted marine conditions as well.
This alloy is completely nonmagnetic in annealed conditions. It cannot get hardened by the heat treatment but the material will get hard due to its cold working. It can be easily processed and welded by standard shop fabrication practices.

Types of Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners
There are numerous types of fasteners available with us for different pipe systems which come in various shape, size, designs and some of them are:
• Stainless Steel 316H nuts
• Stainless Steel 316H bolts
• Stainless Steel 316H washers
• Stainless Steel 316H heavy hex bolt
• Stainless Steel UNS S31609 Screws
• Stainless Steel 316H

Features of the product Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners
There are several good features which the product comprises of and some of them are:
• Static pressure
• Dimensional preciseness
• Good Corrosion resistance
• Perfect installation and application
• Long-lasting services for life
• High tolerance

Material testing
Our product goes through several testing while manufacturing the product to assure the best quality product to our customers. We always do stage wise inspection and third party inspection. Some of the testing conducted by us is:
• Flaring test
• IGC Test
• PMI testing
• Ultrasonic testing
• Mechanical testing
• Spectro tests for chemical analysis of grade
• Macro test

Packaging of the product
Our product Stainless Steel S31609 Fasteners is packed following the standard packaging norms so that no damage is caused to the product while delivering the product to our respected customers. The product is packed with environmental friendly Polly bags and then kept into the wooden box or cartoons.

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SS 316H Fasteners
Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners Price List

Request the latest Stainless Steel 316H Industrial Fasteners Price List. Please Call +91 22 23867540 or Send an Email to for Stainless Steel UNS S31609, 1.4401, SUS 316H Fasteners Ready stock information and updated price list.

ASME SF593 / F594 316H Stainless Steel Fasteners Equivalent Grades
SS 316H 1.4401 S31609 SUS 316H

Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners Forms in Stock

Stainless Steel 316H Nuts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Nuts
  • SS 316H Nuts
  • UNS S31609 Nuts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Hex Nuts
  • Stainless Steel 1.4401 Nuts
  • SUS 316H Square Nuts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Heavy Hex Nuts
  • SS 316H Wing Nuts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Coupling Nuts

Stainless Steel 316H Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Bolts
  • SS 316H Bolts
  • UNS S31609 Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Hex Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 1.4401 Bolts
  • SUS 316H Heavy Hex Bolts
  • SS 316H Machine Bolts
  • 316H Stainless Steel U Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316H J Bolts

Stainless Steel 316H Screws
  • Stainless Steel 316H Screws
  • SS 316H Screws
  • UNS S31609 Screws
  • SS 316H Hex Head Cap Screws
  • Stainless Steel 1.4401 Screws
  • SUS 316H Screws
  • 316H Stainless Steel Hex Head Screws
  • SS 316H Socket Cap Screw
  • SS 316H Socket Head Cap Screws

Stainless Steel 316H Washers
  • Stainless Steel 316H Washers
  • SS 316H Washer
  • UNS S31609 Washers
  • Stainless Steel 316H Dome Washer
  • Stainless Steel 1.4401 Washerss
  • SUS 316H Hexagonal Washer
  • 316H SS Ogee Washers
  • Stainless Steel 316H Spring Washers
  • 316H Stainless Steel Square Washer

Stainless Steel 316H Stud Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Stud Bolts
  • SS 316H Stud Bolts
  • UNS S31609 Stud Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 1.4401 Stud Bolts
  • SUS 316H Stud Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Threaded Rod
  • SS 316H Full Threaded Stud Bolts
  • 316H SS Half Threaded Stud Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Studs

Stainless Steel 316H Anchor Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316H Anchor Bolts
  • SS 316H Anchor Bolts
  • UNS S31609 Anchor Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 1.4401 Anchor Bolts
  • SUS 316H Anchor Bolts
  • ASTM F1554 SS 316H Anchor Bolts
  • SS 316H Pin Type Anchor Bolt
  • 316H SS Sleeve Anchor Bolt
  • SS 316H Bullet Type Anchor

Stock Size Range and Specifications For Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners

Specification : ASTM F593, F594, F1554 / ASME SF593, F594, F1554

Standard : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards

Bolt / Screw Size : M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Nuts Size : M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Washers Size : M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Machine Screws Size : M1.6 - M12

Self Tapping Screw Size : No.2 - No. 14

Length : 3 mm to 200 mm

Types : Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Stud Bolts, Hex Set Screw, Socket Screw, Cap Screw, Pan Head Screw, Machine Screw, Socket Head Cap Screw, Allen Cap screw, Wing Screw, Washers, Spring Washers, Studs, Anchors, Marine Anchors, Nut, Hexagon Nut, Hex Nut, Hex Coupling Nut, Hex Domed Cap Nuts, Square Nut, Stud Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Socket Hexagon Head Screw Anchor Bolt, U- Bolts, J Bolts, Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts, T-Head Bolts, Wing Screw, Eye Bolt, Foundation Bolts, Structural Bolts.

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners
Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni Fe
SS 316H 0.10 max 2.0 max 0.75 max 0.045 max 0.030 max 16.00 - 18.00 2.00 - 3.00 10.00 - 14.00 68.89 min

Mechanical Properties of SS 316H / UNS S31609 / 1.4401 / SUS 316H Fasteners
Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
8.0 g/cm3 1400 °C (2550 °F) Psi – 75000 , MPa – 515 Psi – 30000 , MPa – 205 35 %

Markings On The Stainless Steel 316H Fasteners

The full identification of the fasteners should be continuously marked down its whole length, including :

  •   ASTM Specification
  •   Nominal Diameter
  •   Brinell Hardness Number
  •   Grade
  •   Heat Code
  •   Manufacturer’s Name or Symbol

Stainless Steel 316H Fastener Application Industries
  •   Petrochemical Industry
  •   Chemical Industry
  •   Oil and Gas Industry
  •   Pulp & Paper Indusry
  •   Power Plant Industry
  •   Food Processing Industry
  •   Pharmaceuticals Industry
  •   Energy Industry
  •   Aerospace Industry

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