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Incoloy 800HT Round Bars

Piyush Steel is the world’s reputed and the trust-worthy manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the wide range of the ASTM B408 Incoloy 800HT Round Bars. These are supplied due to its superior quality around the globe. The round bars are used in the heat-treating equipment such as baskets, trays, and many fixtures. The round bars are developed in such a way so that they can widely prefer in the heavy-duty lubricants. These are available with various specifications like dimensions, shape, size, length, surface finish, end finish, and wall thickness. We offer the same to our clientele with custom-made specifications. The round bars are widely used in the industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and various other industries.

Incoloy 800HT is nickel, iron, and chromium-based alloy which have good strength and excellent resistance to corrosion in high temperatures. The alloy is developed as the modifier of the alloy 800 to control carbon and also to increase the grain size to enhance the stress rupture properties. This modification has also taken place to control the contents of titanium and aluminum levels. The alloy is widely used in the development of the applications which requires high-temperature stability. Working in the high temperatures the applications will have to face many acid and corrosion so the alloy is used where resistance to creep and rupture is required. The alloy is also used in the application development as it can be welded at any shape as per the want.
There are many features of the Incoloy N08811 Round Bars by which they are widely used by different industries. Such features are as follows-
• Good corrosion resistance • High-temperature strength • High creep rupture strength • Oxidation and carburization resistance • High durability • Strong tensile strength

Because of the above-stated features, we have been appreciated by our clients for producing the products with the best properties.
Manufacturing of the ASTM B408 Incoloy 800HT Round Bars is done under the strict supervision of the hired professional experts. They have excellent knowledge about the manufacturing of the same. Latest technological equipment is used in the manufacturing of the round bars. For manufacturing the wide ranges of the round bars the alloy is collected from the reliable marketplace. This is done to avoid the involvement of the poor quality of substances in the manufacturing of the round bars. All the proper manufacturing norms along with the national and international set of quality standards are followed. The highly-trained and well-equipped workers are involved in the development of the round bars.

Testing of the material
The quality controllers perform several tests to check the quality of the round bars that are manufactured in the unit. These tests also ensure the customers that the quality of the round bars are manufactured and delivered to them. The tests conducted are-
• Micro and macro test
• Chemical and mechanical test
• Intergranular corrosion test
• Pitting resistance test
• Positive material identification
• Flaring test
• Hardness test

Various documents are attached with the manufactured Incoloy 1.4859 Round Bars at the time of delivery. This ensures the customers that no harmful product is delivered to them. The documents which are attested are-
• Commercial invoice
• Packaging list
• Certificate of the attested chamber
• Fumigation certificate
• Quality assurance plan
• Heat treatment chart
• Guarantee letter of the company

Packaging of the round bars
The ASTM B408 Incoloy 800HT Round Bars are packed as per the demand and need of the customers. They are instead packed under the wooden boxes, crates or pallets which are covered by the plastic coverings. This is done to prevent the bars from getting rust at the time of shipment.

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Incoloy 800HT Round Bar
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